My film bag was featured in JAPAN CAMERA HUNTER


Here is the story:

My name is Eric Velado and I am a photographer since 1999. I’m from San Salvador, El Salvador and since 2001 I’ve been traveling between the U.S. and Central America. I lived in Los Angeles until 2009 then returned to my country for about four years, and now, I have settled down with my family in Houston, Texas.

I took my first photography classes in college in 1996, my first camera was a 35mm YASHICA TL ELECTRO X that I grabbed from my dad. I also used some other models as the YASHICA 2000 and the YASHICA 109 MULTIPROGRAM (you can see them in the picture). I’ve also owned a MAMIYA 645 with which I did commercial work and wedding portraits. In 2002, I continued developing my photographic career by attending a Contemporary Wedding Photography workshop in San Diego and since then, weddings have been my main focus.

During my career, I’ve been using different types of cameras. For ten years, my DSLR’s were CANON, until the Summer of 2014, when I switched to M43 (Micro Fourth Third) format and chose Olympus OM-D’s.

Last year, before switching to Mirrorless cameras, I picked up my old YASHICA TL ELECTRO X and was planning to shoot some film again, unfortunately that camera was not in great condition – I always had a lot of light leaks on every film with just a few nice frames. That was very disappointing. But around the same time, I discovered my other 35mm camera which I had forgotten was at my parent’s house, the YASHICA 109 MULTIPROGRAM, and I had better results with it. The switch to M43 opened new opportunities to my photographic world. I started to use my old YASHINON and CARL ZEISS glass more often, in combination with my OMD’s cameras, EM-5 and EM-1 respectively. But shooting and developing black and white film is a totally unique experience. To think about the frames before releasing the shooter button and getting grain on it is simply beautiful and worth the few days that I had to wait for the c-41 process.

The bag that I use is really simple, a Kenneth Cole Reaction leather bag, that I use for traveling, including passports, my Mini iPad, flight itineraries, some food, gum, souvenirs. It usually holds one camera and one lens, occasionally two lenses in the case of M43.

By the way, I discovered Japan Camera Hunter around a year ago, and since then I’ve been enjoying other photographers gear.

So here is my film gear:

  • YASHICA LENS ML 50mm 1.9
  • CARL ZEISS SONNAR 3,5/100mm T*
  • PHOENIX 19-35mm 3,5
  • LENS YASHINON-DS 50mm 1.4
  • LENS YASHINON-DX 50mm 1.7