After the wedding cake is eaten, the sparkles exit and your friends and family are totally drunk… just kidding!  But seriously…after all that, your wedding photo albums and wedding video will be the only way you revisit some of the best moments of your wedding day.

The options of wedding videos are limitless, from filming your ceremony in a documentary or journalistic style to cinematic masterpieces with Hollywood-style editing with special effects; as well an organic style for just the two of you in an elopement or an intimate wedding.

Affordable doesn’t mean cheap either, but there are ways to be flexible according to the needs of every couple. If you don’t need the whole wedding to be on film, or if you need just an essential part of your ceremony or some specific hours of coverage. If you want something not too elaborated and tons of special effects, we probably can offer you, exactly what you are looking for. Something inexpensive according to your budget. We also can offer you the opposite, an awesome cinematic high-end wedding video with different shooters.

Remember, it takes two to dance Tango!

It is unfortunate that many people look only at the money and pay little attention to the character or response of a videographer or photographer when an inquiry is made. I agree, budget of course, takes priority over most things, but you never really know what can be achieved if you reach out and contact someone. Needs are always different, as is each wedding, each couple and each family.

These days that Houston has been hit by Hurricane Harvey, every Houstonian received the impact of such phenomena, in one way or another. A lot of weddings were cancelled, and a lot more are demanding last minute services with short ceremonies, reception and guests.

Let us know your needs.

People tend to make the mistake of thinking that videographers only provide a highlights trailer with your favorite songs. What about those videos, that will make you laugh and shed a tear of nostalgic and fun moments or relatives that aren’t around us anymore. That could be an extraordinary achievement for a videographer that doesn’t belong to your circle of friends and relatives.

That’s exactly what we can offer you just by itself or with the popular highlights video of your wedding.

There are many companies out there, all of which have so much more to offer, with features that will add cost to your package. A unique experience with which to remember your wedding day and perhaps in ten or fifteen years your kids will watch it for a couple of times and suddenly, someone will ask: “where are our grandparents? The video is cool but where is the rest of our family?” Only a documentary video can be the answer, right?

Packages can be customized. No doubt, it’s a decision of every videographer and the needs of every couple. Perhaps you don’t want your pre-ceremony prep work filmed but instead you’d like to film the cocktail hour and know who was there while you were taking your portrait session and family formals with the photographer. Would you like to add a Save the Date video? Or an Engagement video and take off a couple of hours of your wedding?

Everything depends on you. I always receive special requests and different ways that people want their wedding photography and videos.

Videographers have styles of their own. Some like to stay back and journalize the wedding experience, while others like to get in real close and create cinematic pieces of work that may ignore some of the conventional strategies of capturing every moment of the wedding.

Our videos are not filmed in the way we want, they are filmed in the way you want, and you will see that on our website.

You can tell us your preferences, your priorities, your needs.

As a videographer and filmmaker, I can have a progressive evolution of my work and knowledge with every wedding shot. But that’s why I do my own personal projects.

As a wedding photographer and videographer, I can offer you what you need.

There are things that a wedding film can provide that a photograph simply cannot (and vice versa). Besides the moving pictures, audio belongs to motion. Words, expressions and emotions are part of every wedding and I know that. I’ve heard astonishing speeches from parents, phrases that are in my mind from certain weddings. Every wedding experience is unique, and I bet these days Hurricane Harvey’s victims are in every speech around Houston.

The only way to preserve these precious memories is by capturing it on film. Film can capture the moments in real time and preserve it for generations to come. It will outlast you and it will inform future generations of how you approached love.

Book your videographer in the way you need!  Here in VELADO IMAGES, we can offer you full coverage or perhaps, a coverage for certain hours to make it affordable.