Weddings are amazing celebrations!

It’s so awesome to be a wedding photographer in Houston, because there are fantastic wedding venues in the area such as Las Velas, Château Cocomar, and Château Polonez, just to name a few.  Each of these unique wedding locations provide something special for brides and grooms. Choosing a wedding venue doesn’t have to be hard, and having a wedding photographer who has experience with shooting in many of the different Houston wedding venues will help your wedding photography stand out. As a destination wedding photographer I always find something new and different in every venue, but the most important for me is the couple, their families and their friends and how they are sharing the happiness of a new family.

That’s why weddings are always amazing celebrations. All of them have great and exciting moments to capture and this time the wedding of Logan and Nicole was a great opportunity to photograph as a second shooter for my colleague Miguel Ramos . I’m really grateful for the opportunity and I’m sure the work will look great with Miguel’s  images.

If you like my work, I would be so happy to offer you my services around the globe and document your gorgeous wedding!