It’s a great honor to be able to tell the stories of the couples I photograph. I work closely with couples to figure out how best to fit photography into their wedding day. I do all I can to give couples one less thing to worry about. On your wedding day, I’ll be your honorary guest, and most importantly, your trusted photographer.

I’ve been a Wedding Photographer in Southern California, Central America and now, Texas. Thanks to this passionate feeling for capturing happy people like you. I believe my passion for storytelling, is the prefect ingredient to document weddings.

 I’m available for all type of nuptials, no matter how big or  small your festivity is. I have witnessed weddings as small as only the Bride and Groom being there to say their vows, all the way up to having 800 guests in one amazing festivity. As a photographer, one of my strongest skills in the art of wedding photography is creating romantic and elegant portraits in combination with unobtrusive story-telling images, capturing the greatest and spontaneous moments of your life.

My way of documenting your wedding is discreet with as little tools as possible. My camera’s are very small and silent, the perfect companions for traveling to any destination. It doesn’t matter how modern cameras could be, because in front of the lens, your love is what rules and will tell that story to your new family.

I’m based in Houston, Texas with my wife and our three kids. And I can go anywhere from here, even Mars or the Moon with the help of NASA, or where your hearts can beat stronger.

I wish you the best in your new journey. MARRIAGE is absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

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